7 Beaches for the Beautiful, the Wave Chaser, and More

beach at sunset

Whether you go to the beach to people watch, surf the waves, or just get in a few hours of sun worship, these are the best beaches to find what you’re looking for according to Susan Breslow Sardone, About.com’s Expert Getaway Guide.

If you plan to be in Delware this summer, you must check out Dewey Beach. A hot spot for the 18-24 year old demographic, this beach draws those that want to flant their assets and check out the competition. Restaurants, clubs, and lodging are all located within a short walk. Witness a spectacular sunset over the bay after a long, lazy day basking in the sun.

There’s more to Jersey than just the shore! Spring Lake, New Jersey has turn-of-the-century mansions, two miles of near-secluded beach, and a boardwalk without the drama of your favorite TV reality show. This is the beach residents want you to remember of their fine state.

As tabloid magazines prove with their glossy photo spreads, celebrities love their beaches. One of the best places to spot a famous face is where stars own property right on the beach. Specifically Malibu, California. Considered one of the ritziest cities in the country, it’s also a popular location for filming movie and TV scenes, and photo spreads for national magazines.

Feeling lucky? There’s no better place to hit the jackpot than Atlantic City, New Jersey. Gamble the hours away at any one of the numerous casinos along the Boardwalk, or if the odds don’t fall in your favor, enjoy the beach for free, located right off one the most famous boardwalks in the world.

If your looking for the ultimate private beach, look no further than Madaket, Nantucket in Massachusetts. If you don’t mind arriving by ferry or small plane, you’ll be rewarded with a pristine beach and no crowds.

Looking to catch the best waves? You’ll want to head up the coast to Santa Cruz, California. Surfers come from every corner of the world to ride the large waves and witness some dramatic surfing styles. When you need a break, take a ride on the boardwalk’s 1911 carousel and 1924 roller coaster.

Whether you’re looking to see models or be one, the best people-watching beach is at South Beach in Florida. Models, celebrities, photographers, and other trendsetters make up this historic Art Deco community. A great place to be if you’re looking to be discovered!

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Photo: mvy.com