7 Freaky Things That Happen to Couch Potatoes

Couch Potato Cat

After a long day at work, we all enjoy sitting on the couch with a glass of wine (or whatever drink you prefer) and watching our favorite TV shows. But what happens when that one night turns into the whole weekend? Or when one episode turns into the first 8 seasons?

The fitness experts at Runtastic have put together a list of reasons why it might be time to put down the remote and get off the couch!

1. Lack of Exercise Causes Muscle Atrophy

You think your knees are weak because all eyes are on you?


Nope! You just face planted because your muscles are atrophying from lack of movement. Embarrassing!

2. Being Inactive Causes Your Body to Create Fat Cells on Pre-existing Fat Cells

Everyone enjoys a delicious meal but eating without ever exercising will leave you overweight.

belly gif

Take it from Fat Bastard, he loves his fried chicken and hasn’t exercised a day in his life.

3. Being Indoors Inhibits the Production of Vitamin D

Edward and Bella have an undeniable romance that took time to unfurl…

pale as edward

but too much time on the couch will leave you looking like Edward or a bad night with Ke$ha.

4. Men Who Are Sedentary Statistically Have a 50% Higher Chance of Dying Sooner

Sitting and staring at the rug because “it really brings the room together” can have its consequences.


The Dude abides.

5. Many Modern Sofas are Too Low and Too Deep, Causing Back Pain and Sometimes Even Spinal Displacement

While you may think sinking into the sofa is a sign of getting comfortable, it’s actually bending your spine in ways you may never recover from!

cute girl gif

Just ask Regina George what life is like in a full-body brace!

6. A Decrease in Activity Slows the Metabolism, Even When the Same Amount of Calories Are Being Consumed

Boy troubles may have made Bridget Jones drown her sorrows in a tub of ice cream…


But eating your feelings will never get that guy’s attention if you don’t run part of it off!

7. Constantly Falling Asleep In Front of the TV Can Lead to Depression Over Time

You may think watching TV is a soothing way to fall asleep….

eyore gif

But studies reveal it can actually leave you looking as sad and depressed as Eeyore.