Argentine Woman Marries the Man Who Killed Her Twin Sister

Many of us will not have had first-hand experience knowing if we would forgive someone who has purposefully or accidentally taken the life of a loved one.

We may sit there and wonder if it would be plausible to forgive. If we are inherently good people we may say “It would be hard, but I would try”. Or you may tell yourself that forgiveness is up to God and move on.

But how do you find yourself in love with a person who murders your very own sister?

A 22-year-old Argentine woman, Edith Casas, married the man who was convicted of killing her twin sister.

The man, Victor Cingolani, is still serving a 12 more years for the grisly crime that left her sister, fashion model named Johana, dead in 2010. Cingolani was able to get out on a day pass just for the nuptials.

Initially, the  ceremony was postponed when Judge Marcelina Orellana, by request of her mother, made Edith have a psychiatric evaluation before going through with their madness.

Apparently, there was no evidence of a psychiatric disorder. Are you kidding?

According to The Independent, she told a local news channel before the wedding, “I want to start a family with Victor because I love him. He is innocent.”

But the father, Valentin Casas, had conflicting beliefs and was sickened by the news. He told Clarín newspaper, “For me, they are both dead. Johana is with God and Edith with the devil,” he said.

It’s pretty obvious, but not a single member of the bride’s family attended the civil ceremony in the town of Pico Truncado. Several people even gathered around after the wedding and threw eggs and rocks at the groom.


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