‘Baby Got Back’ Performed by Sir Ian McKellen (Sort Of)

You probably recognize the man on the left. That’s actor Sir Ian McKellen. The guy on the right is Hunter Davis, an actor/director who’s newest YouTube video is exploding because it’s quite possibly the most genius thing people have seen since… well… since the Old Spice video from earlier this week.

Anyway, Davis offers viewers a dramatic interpretation of “Baby Got Back” as if it were performed by Sir Ian. It starts with a quote from the timeless classic Heathers, then gets into the performance. This is not just a silly imitation. Davis is absolutely SPOT ON with his intonation and syntax. It’s like hearing Gandolph and Magneto reciting the song on a blooper real from Lord of the Rings or X-Men.

After watching the video you should totally send the link to your friends. Then you should become a fan of Davis on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HunterDavis (where you can see a picture of him with the actual Ian McKellen) and then follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/MrHunterDavis. We already have.