Bear Tries To Break Into House Of Woman Making Brownies

Bear tries to break into house
The bear must really love brownies (wfsbnews/Twitter)

You know your brownies are good when a bear tries to break into your house to get to them.

That’s what happened to an elderly woman from Avon, Connecticut who was confronted by the sight of this ferocious and apparently hungry animal while baking earlier this week.

While innocently whipping up a batch of the sweet treats, she was shocked to find the bear peering through the window of her back porch and “slamming” on the glass to try and get in.

The animal must have been attracted by the smell of the baked goods and according to her neighbor who called the police, was getting angry and frustrated as he attempted to gain access to the property.

Her neighbor, identified as Bob Belfiore, told WFSB: “My neighbor across the street just came over in a panic. She’s a little old lady, screaming that a bear got on the back porch and is slamming on her glass door.”

The Members of Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were called to deal with the unwelcome visitor who was reportedly “reluctant to leave”.

Belfiore, who managed to catch the whole thing on camera, said that the incident might sound funny, but in reality was quite terrifying.

“Though it looks cute on the railing, this bear was angry about not being able to get at the food,” he said.

He was persistent too.

The bear managed to get the screen doors open, but couldn’t open the glass slider. That still didn’t put him off though, as Belfiore explained: “He actually left the kitchen area and went to the second set of doors off the deck.

“And I tried those and then went to the third set of doors into the living room and attempted to get into those.”

We want to try those brownies now.