Beyonce might play Nala in Lion King Remake

Will Beyonce be the Lion Queen?

Move over Beauty and the Beast because if this rumor is true it will be the greatest Disney movie of all time.

According to reports director Jon Favreau is keen to line up none other than Beyonce to voice Nala in the Lion King remake.

Hot on the heels of the success of the Jungle Book, Iron Man Favreau is quietly putting together a cast for a new version of the 1994 movie.

Nala The Lion King
Will Beyonce voice Nala?

Donald Glover is voicing central character Simba while James Earl Jones will return as his father, the tragic Mufasa and according to Variety Queen Bee is the top choice for Nala.

The Formation singer has reportedly yet to make a decision on whether to take the role, but sources told the publication that as it’s voice-acting they’re willing to change the schedule to fit around her plans.

Beyonce is currently pregnant with twins, a fact that forced her to drop out of headlining this year’s Coachella Music Festival in April.

Beyonce is pregnant with twins

The animated epic musical Lion King was originally released in 1994 and went on to be one of the studios’ biggest ever successes, winning two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe.

As well as spawning a string of sequels, it lead to the hugely successful Broadway adaptation that features the same songs and musical score of the movie.

The Lion King is the latest Disney classic to get a revamping for a modern audience.

Beauty and the Beast remake

There’s already been the remake of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, released this month and there’s more to come.

Live-action versions of Aladdin, Mulan and The Little Mermaid are already in the works.

Favreau was behind last year’s hugely successful live action/CGI version of The Jungle Book and is already working on it’s sequel.