Here Are 20 Hot Celebrities That Look Busted Without Makeup On… Sorry Mila Kunis

If we believed everything we saw on television, the movies and in magazines, it would mean that celebrities rolled out of bed looking flawlessly beautiful.

With the assistance of their on-hand stylists, makeup artists, A-list nutritionists and designers, stars typically resemble what some would like to call perfection. However, thanks to vindictive paparazzi, all that perfection is often times just a myth.

Because beneath all that makeup hides their real complexion–pimply cheeks, blotchy skin and wrinkles.

Sure, we all have those days when we just don’t feel like putting in the effort to get all pretty. Luckily, everyday people like us don’t have cameras flashing in our faces everywhere we go.

Here are 20 photos of celebs without makeup on, and with no filters to hide their flaws.

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