Fantasy Football Players Score Big Bucks on Betting Sites

Fantasy Football players can now make big money of their hobby.

Fantasy football is huge, with more than 35 million people participating, and these men and women are hardcore. Like professional football managers, they analyze and strategize, creating their ultimate teams to play online against other skilled managers all over the world.

And the big score? Being able to win huge cash payouts off their favorite past time. Anywhere from some easy fun money to $1000, $15,000, or $250,000 a week, on up to millions in cash and prizes.

Fantasy football is for men and womenFor those not in the know, here’s how it works (and if you are in the know, you can skip this paragraph– but we did use this picture of a cute girl just for you). In fantasy football, a person becomes a “manager” by picking professional NFL players to be on his own team. Then, as those real-life football players participate in very real games, they accumulate points for passing, rushing, receiving yards, touchdowns, and so on; sometimes they’ll also lose points for mistakes they make during the game. In the end, those points are added up and whichever fantasy football manager has the most points wins.

Back in the day, most Fantasy Footballers could only make a little money when their local group of friends created a cash pool to see who would win at the end of the season. Now select websites dedicated to Fantasy Football allow people to play for free or enter high stakes games for bigger cash prizes. All you do is sign up, pick the contest you want to play in, and select members of your team. Each player has a cost value, and your goal is to pick the best fantasy team possible while staying under the specific price cap. The Fantasy Football site then maintains all the scores, and at the end of the week you see whether or not you won against the other betters. If so, you get a cash payout.

Is it legal? According to the website HowLifeWorks, yes. Evidently, in 2006 the Federal Government tightened the definition of online betting, “but Fantasy Football is not a game of chance— it’s a game of skill— so this isn’t considered gambling,” the article states. “That means your winning potential is unlimited.”

The big excitement for Fantasy Football fans comes from sites that offer weekly games. That’s because after the week’s games end and totals are delivered, all of the NFL players’ rankings for the coming week are readjusted. At that point Fantasy Footballers pick a new team made up of any current players, which lowers their risk and increases their potential to win big over the long term.

That’s a huge bonus. In traditional Fantasy Football you’d often be saddled with the same players all season long. So if one of the players gets injured or just doesn’t perform as well as he did in the previous seasons, you’d be penalized– basically for not being able to predict the future. With these weekly games, you can continually reevaluate  using your managerial  skills to constantly improve your own Fantasy Football game.

And with opportunities like that, who knows what could happen? Maybe one man’s Fantasy Football skills will allow him to even quit his job and play the game full time. Stranger things have happened in the world of sports.