Florida Police Officers Pull Over Black Woman Only To Discover She’s The State Attorney

State Attorney Aramis Ayala pulled over in Florida
State Attorney Aramis Ayala pulled over in Florida

Two police officers were left struggling to explain why they had pulled over a black driver, who turned out to be Florida’s State Attorney.

Aramis Ayala, who is the first and only black state attorney on the 9th Judicial Circuit, was pulled over by the white officers last month in Orlando.

The whole exchange was caught on one of the officers body cam, capturing the awkward moment the State Attorney explains exactly who she is.

State Attorney Aramis Ayala pulled over in Florida
State Attorney Aramis Ayala pulled over in Florida

Ayala can be seen handing over her license while sitting at the wheel, to which she’s asked by the officer which agency she works for.

“I’m the State Attorney”, she responded, clearly unimpressed.

The officer immediately began to explain why he had stopped her and explained that he had ran the tags on her car but received no response back.

“What was the tag run for?” she asked, deadpan, to which the stumbling officer said: “Oh we run tags through all the time, whether it’s a traffic light and that sort of stuff; That’s how we figure out if cars are stolen and that sort of thing.”

“Also, the windows are really dark. I don’t have a tint measure but that’s another reason for the stop,” he added.

Not replying, the State Attorney then asked for the officers’ cards and when neither of them were able to produce them she got them to write their names and contact information on a piece of paper.

After the video went viral the Orlando police department were accused of racial profiling.

In response they issued a statement claiming their department “allows the running of tags for official business only, and this is done routinely on patrol”.

“In regards to the video, which was released by the Orlando Police Department last month, the officers stated the tag did not come back as registered to any vehicle. As you can see in the video, the window tint was dark, and officers would not have been able to tell who, or how many people, were in the vehicle,”

They added that no complaint has yet been filed over the stop.