Granny Panties: The Hottest New Underwear Trend

Move over bikinis and thongs. Granny panties are back in style and sexier than ever.

Whether it’s on magazine covers, concert stages or even the red carpet, some of the most fashion-forward celebs have been sporting high-waisted briefs as of late, and showing us just how smoking hot full-coverage undies can be.

Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry are just of the few of the big names who have embraced the trend, which is likely to stick around for a while.

Daphne Javitch, founder of intimates brand Ten Undies, spoke with Yahoo! Shine about full-coverage underwear’s growing appeal:

“A lot of looks in fashion and editorial have been influenced by the vintage look, so it began to adjust our notion of what’s stylish and sexy,” she said. “In the last two months, every editorial that we’ve been involved in has had specified high-waisted requests. So I’ve definitely noticed an increase in popularity.”

It’s also an exciting time for those of us who have less than perfect figures.

“Wearing high-waisted underwear is almost like wearing shapewear, but without the commitment of full on shaping pieces,” Isabel Baert, INTIMACY Head of Buying told Yahoo. “Even if you have a tummy or if you’re a little bit rectangular, they extenuate your silhouette.”

What isn’t to love about that?

If you want your hands on, or more appropriately bottom in, the new old-school style, Chantelle Paris, Mod Cloth, and American Apparel are all great brands to start with.

Feature Image:Pinterest/sybarite syb