The Hairy ‘Sexy Chest’ swimsuit Is The Hottest Look For Summer

hairy shirt
The shirt that's dividing a nation

What will you be rocking on the beach this summer? If you’re banging on trend it could be this “hairy chest” swimsuit, which has gone viral online.

The nude one-piece, available from Beloved Shirts has been attracting attention for giving the illusion that the wearer has an extremely hairy torso. Far from the stereotype of the perfect beach body, it gives the appearance of an untoned stomach and man boobs.

The suit is available in a mix of skin tones and features realistic details including uber hairy nipples down to the belly button. From behind it’s even more eye-catching, with hair down the back and around the bottom.

The tagline for the suit is “Make ’em say WTF” and from the reaction online, we would say they have already achieved that.

But will people be rocking it on the beach? Apparently yes, as sales of the suit have gone ballistic since it went on sale, with many posting videos and pictures on Instagram of how it looks in the flesh.

My Summer bod is ready See what all the fuss is about ?Link in bio

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The suit has been praised as the perfect remedy to the pressure of attaining the perfect “beach body” for summer, as it attempts to make the body look as off-putting as possible. Or does it? Some people online have admitted they find the hairy chest look pretty sexy.

It’s been the biggest talking topic since “the dress” went viral in 2015 as it asked the question “is it blue and black or white and gold?”.