Honda Redesigns 2013 Civic After 2012 Failure

The Honda Civic 2012 model was such a failure Honda Corp debuted a brand new model for 2013 at yesterday’s LA Auto Show.

The Civic has always been a rock-solid car, often scoring as the highest compact sedan recommended by Consumer Reports Annual Car issue.

Last Spring, for the very first time, Consumer Reports ranked the Civic dead last out of 12 tested sedans. It was a shock to Honda owners and maybe the wakeup call Honda Corp needed to redesign a new Civic—fast.

Owners of the 2012 models may being feeling duped. Most new car owners prefer to wait to buy a car after a new model has come out, instead of getting the leftovers of an old model.

John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda responds to the criticism by saying, “I don’t want to be too flip about that but at the same time it’s not as if we duped them into buying something that was not good and then all of a sudden said we fixed it. You got the broken one and now we got the real one. It’s not the case.”

Mendel said that Honda has no plans to compensate owners of the 2012 Civic, and that he has only heard from a few customers upset that they bought a car that was upgraded so soon.

“You still got a great vehicle, with a lot of capability. The new one is just improved,” says Mendal. He compares the switch-a-roo to Apple coming out with a new iPod year after year.

What can buyers of the 2013 Civic expect? A model upgraded inside and out, with an improved steering feel, upgraded interiors, a sleeker exterior, and a rear view camera that comes standard. The new model is $160 more than what the 2012 model debuted at, with an LX auto transmission model priced at $19,755 (manual is $800 less).

For those interested in acquiring a 2012 model at rock bottom prices, Honda is offering three-year leases for $149 a month and $1,999 down for the next 45 days.