People Are Using Storm Stella To Troll Donald Trump And It’s Hilarious

It seems no corner of the internet is safe from Donald Trump – or his haters – after the President managed to get trolled over the arrival of Storm Stella.

The blizzard hit the North East on Monday leaving places such as Philadelphia, Delaware and New York have all been affected by the estimated 4-6inches of white stuff falling.

With time on their hands, people have been finding ingenious ways to either blame Storm Stella on the President or just troll him instead.

Others were annoyed to see that not even the blizzard could remove the new POTUS:

Trump wasn’t the only one getting the Storm Stella treatment.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer also got his fair share of love from Twitter:

As did KellyAnne Conway over her latest comments that Barack Obama could have been spying on Trump via his microwave.

The snow storm was predicted by be one of the most severe in history, though it’s threat level was downgraded on Tuesday before it hit New York.

In the hours before the bad weather hit, Trump revealed he had held a meeting regarding preparations to deal with the situation in Washington D.C. and warned everyone to stay safe.