Woman Lands in Hospital After Confusing Builder’s Foam with Hair Mousse

Here’s one of those “news” stories that isn’t really much of a “story,” per se, but the photo and headline are so insane that it shot all over the internet when it first hit last September. Now it’s making the rounds again, so we thought we’d share it again with you now.

It features a woman, who is believed to be from Eastern Europe, sitting in a hospital emergency room with a giant beige mass covering her head and shoulder. She allegedly confused a can of polyurethane foam with some kind of hair product — many reports are saying that it was hair mousse — and sprayed the product in her hair. Upon contact with air, the foam expanded at an incredible rate, locking her hair into a kind of helmet.

Naturally, she doesn’t look too happy about it.


Polyurethane foam is used for numerous building and construction projects. It injects into an area as a thick liquid, then expands out to form a hard, solid structure. It’s used to prevent leaks, create a strong bonded filler between gaps, and for countless other projects. But hair styling is not one of them.

According to the Mirror, after the picture first appeared on social media today it quickly went viral — being viewed more than 250,000 times on one user’s Imgur account.

It should be noted that we couldn’t find any facts backing up this story. Reputable sites are talking about it — Yahoo! UK, The Daily Mail and others — but no one can seem to verify if this woman is indeed from Eastern Europe, if that’s actually builder’s foam (though it certainly looks like it), and if those are leaves or other debris trapped at the top of her head. Heck, no one can even attest that it was taken this year, only that the image went viral today.

Still, we know how you like to be up on the latest story, so here you go. Any additional insights into who she is or what happened would be appreciated.