Scientists Have Discovered What That Giant Dead Sea Creature Actually Is

Indonesian sea creature
Scientists had been baffled about what it could be

Remember that giant sea creature that washed up dead on an Indonesian island last week?

The freakish looking 50ft corpse, that’s leaking blood turned the water bright red, had scientists baffled after it was discovered on the coast.

The fisherman who found the corpse, Asrul Tuanakota. 37, thought initially that he had discovered a stranded boat in the water. When asked his opinion on what possibly the creature could be he said a squid because there appeared to be remains of tentacles.

Indonesian sea creature
The corpse is actually a baleen whale

Well, according to George Leonard, the chief scientist at the Ocean Conservancy told the Huffington Post that the carcass probably belonged to a baleen whale.

The biggest indicators are apparently the protruding skeleton and baleen plates used to filter food.

But how does it look so unwhale-like? Leonard claims it’s probably the result of decomposition gases bloating the whale into a strange shape.

According to Live Science, the whale could have died from a bacterial infection that caused it to produce more gas or because it died in warm water more bacteria was able to accumulate and gases to expand its body.

Indonesian sea creature
The corpse was leaking blood into the water

Mystery solved, but that’s not the end of the issue for the good people of the Seram Island, the largest in the Maluku Island group – they need to know how to get rid of the huge carcass.

Usually, dead whales end up having their corpse washed to the bottom of the ocean, but this one has ended up on the coast of the island leaving the locals with a big problem.

According to the Independent, they have already reached out to the government for assistance in disposing of the body.

We also don’t know what killed the animal, with many pointing to global warming as a possible cause.