This Golden Retriver Is Giving Out Hugs On The Streets Of New York

Louboutina the hugging dog
He can't resist a cuddle

If Tinder didn’t deliver the goods this Valentine’s Day and you’re in New York City, then head down to Chelsea because this loved-filled February 14 is about to turn around.

That’s because 5-year-old Golden Retriever – Louboutina – is strolling the streets giving out free hugs to the needy, unloved and those who just want a bit of some affection.

It’s not just on Valentine’s Day either, the hug-loving pooch can be found most days on the streets of Chelsea wrapping her paws around passers-by and spreading some much-needed love in the city.

Louboutina the hugging dog
Louboutina the hug crazy NYC dog

Her antics have built her quite the following over the last four years, amassing nearly 20,000 fans on Instagram.

The account is full of pictures of gleeful strangers getting their moment with Louboutina, turning her into quite the local celebrity.

Her owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, 45, recently told the New York Post: “Every single walk I have to dedicate time”

Louboutina the hugging dog
This looks pretty nice

One Louboutina fan, banker Max Lerner, who stopped for a hug in the street admitted:“My girlfriend was just showing me [Louboutina’s] profile last night.”

But how good is the actual hug?

“[It was] was soft, fluffy. It definitely made me happier,” Max explained.

According to Cesar, everyone loves a cuddle from his pooch: “A lot of people say she’s made their day.

“Like, if they had a bad day at work, maybe that’s just what they needed.”

Louboutina the hugging dog
Louboutina – the hugging dog

Louboutina has been dishing out hugs since 2013, but her own insisted he never taught her how to put her paws out and that she naturally did it herself.

Recalling the first time it happened he said: “She stood up and reached for my hand. “It’s her way of saying, ‘Thank you [for the walk]. I love you.’ ”

“It’s her way of saying, ‘Thank you [for the walk]. I love you.’ ”

We wouldn’t always advise going to look for love on the streets of NYC, but this Valentine’s Day it might actually be worth it.