Tom Daley Sizzles as Clark Kent in Photoshoot for Heat Magazine

UK’s Olympic Bronze Medal winner, Tom Daley showed off his amazing abs while having some fun in the latest issue of Heat Magazine.

The athlete traded in his speedos for glasses in a Clark Kent inspired photo-shoot for the British entertainment magazine. With a slick comb over, sexy glasses, trousers and an open button down shirt, Daley definitely looked like the part.

The 18-year-old may look confident in the pictures, but he revealed to the magazine that he has a real fear of losing the body that he has worked so hard to get.

“When I finish diving I will become a fitness freak. It’s hard because if you are an athlete and you stop, you’ll put on weight so easily so it’s important for me that I keep it going,” he said and added “I do want to make sure that I don’t lose my shape. I want to stay in shape.”

We don’t blame him. After all, it’s this body that caught the attention of British singer Cheryl Cole, who tweeted him for “private diving lessons,” and his rumored girlfriend Kassidy Cook (okay, maybe his talent had a lot to do with the women’s affections, but the body sure doesn’t hurt).

Check out the photos from the magazine below, and get the full interview in the latest issue of Heat Magazine.