Twitter Is In Meltdown Over Young, Shirtless Justin Trudeau Pictures

The internet’s obsession with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked up a notch this week with the discovery of something even hotter than world leader Trudeau – young Trudeau.

There’s been a thirst for the Canadian politician ever since he took office in November 2015 and let’s face it in comparison to other leaders – here’s looking at you Trump – he’s pretty easy on the eye.

This tweet of his “stride” went viral earlier this week. Yes, this is a politician’s butt. We can only imagine the outcry if this was a female, but there we go.

Following “stride” gate, Twitter reached new levels of fan frenzy after it was discovered that the politician isn’t just sexy now – he was sexy as a teenager too. And topless.

Trudeau’s full on 90s look went down very well.

Things got pretty dirty and according to one tweeter the vision of young Justin caused her “actual pain”.

While Trudeau might be the politico of choice in the Twittersphere right now, he’s not the only one whose younger pictures have caused widespread lusting.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden isn’t just Barack Obama’s BFF, it turns out the former Senator from Delaware was also a total fox.

Good to know the people of Twitter have got their priorities straight.