WATCH: Emmy Speech Master Class with Parker Posey

The Emmy Awards are this weekend, and if you follow that sort of thing you probably focus on three big elements of the evening: red carpet fashion, who wins and loses (and the bitchy looks that result from those wins and losses), and who will give a really great speech.

For some actors, this kind of thing comes naturally, and they often deliver genuine, beautiful, memorable moments.

Others, however, need help. After all, this could be an actor’s most important performance ever, the moment when he or she remembers to thank anyone who could possibly get him or her work again, and who acts like they actually care about the folks who make them famous. So with that in mind, they turn to JAN.

Jan (played by the fabulous Parker Posey) stands for Just Act Naturally, and she teaches a Master Class dedicated to the Emmy Acceptance Speech, prepping people for that big night. She evidently has this Master Class, as well as a book and a book on tape covering the topic. And–good news– it only costs $899.

Yep, it’s a joke video, but it’s a great one worth checking out.

Incidentally, the 64th Annual Emmy Awards air this Sunday, September 23rd at 7pm on ABC.